Creative Uses For Shells

Visits to the beach, especially with little ones in tow, often end with a collection of shells picked up on the way. Shells often make for a fascinating collection with different sizes, shapes and various shades and patterns on them. Also, they are kind of a sovereign of the wonderful times spent on the beaches with feet in the sand and the wind blowing in the hair.

If you too have a sizeable collection of shells that you have no idea what to do about, fret not. We list down a few creative ‘do it yourself’ art solutions for your large, varied collection of shells.

Shell craft ideas

One of the trendiest objects to make from shells is shell jewellery. A range of jewellery pieces can be made from the different types of shells, such as pendants on a chain or a whole necklace itself, earrings, brackets. It’s like wearing a piece of your pleasant memories, thus reminding of that time always. Jewellery from shells is easy to make and is perfect accessory for your summer outfits.

Another creative artifact that can be made with the shells is photo frames of varying sizes. If you are looking for shells in the same size, you can always look online to buy hermit crab shells or any other type as per your liking and size of the frame. Apart from photo frames, shells can be used to frame mirrors that can be put up on a wall to form a stunning piece of decor. Round or oval mirrors with shells around as a border go well when decorating the house with a beach or sea side theme in mind.

Apart from frames shells can be used to make lampshades by sticking them all over the base of the lamp. It could be pasted onto a vase or a cylinder, such as the cardboard roll of toilet paper, to form interesting centerpieces. Shells can even be pasted on the peripheral border of planters placed within the house for a feel of being close to the sea or beach.

Large shells such as those of oysters can be framed as is or even be used as tea lights.

Shells can even be filled with wax to make candles which are not run of the mill kinds and speak volumes about your creativity.

Wind chimes can also be made from the shells which can be a creative and charming craft decorating your outdoors or your child’s room.

Wreaths of shells can also be made to adorn your front door.

There are an endless number of creative and decorative crafts that can be made using shells, tapping your inner creativity.


Tips For A Creative Kitchen Makeover

Just like you get tired of staring at the same look every day that prompts you to change things up, facing the same space every day also has the same effect for the most part. Now and then, it really helps to shake things up and add a little pizzazz to your home, even if it means changing it up one space at a time. Re-decorating is not exactly an easy nor cheap task (depending on what you are looking for), and certainly not something the busy 21st century man/woman has time for. However, you can make use of these easy tips for an interesting and revamped kitchen, which often tends to be one of the most ignored areas in the house.


People are often afraid to experiment with kitchen spaces, because it is one of the more public areas like the living room for instance. It is often engrained in our minds that it should be neutral and kept that way however, you can break this rule to stand out. Add colour to your kitchen. Well, within reason of course. You cannot really add neon shades and hope to get away with it. Use one or two uncommon colours to create depth and dimension; you need not even paint up the entire kitchen. Just the kitchen bar stools or cabinets will do.


Kitchens are not spaces that are often known for décor, however if done right you can include it tactfully and beautifully, automatically uplifting your kitchen space. A carpet or rug under the table, a vase of flowers on the pantry and other little ornaments and knick-knacks carefully placed around can add some character. It can get boring to stare at plain old tiles and pantry cupboards all the time so it pays to look at décor changes. If your kitchen is mostly monochrome themed, then your décor can be bright and colourful.


Though this is obviously what you should do if your furniture is old and in need of being thrown out, you can also add new furniture just because. Unless your kitchen is very cramped, you can look at including a few well-placed counter stools. You will be surprised at what a difference furniture can make in a kitchen, provided you have thought it through well. You need to make sure that a kitchen always has ample space for everyone especially seeing as how there is plenty of room for accidents. Remember never over-clutter, even in the name of re-decorating.


The effect that proper lighting can have on a space is mind-boggling. You can really uplift and transform an area simply by paying attention to the lighting. There are so many different types of lighting today that you can look at for your kitchen revamping. Suspended lights for instance, are quite popular and look beautiful when suspended above kitchen islands. Plus, it always helps to have as much light as possible in a place where lots of activity is going on. Get a professional on board to help if you need to.