Romantic Birthday Gifts For Her

Her birthday might be round the corner and you burdened with the responsibility to get her the perfect birthday gift. It needs to be special and romantic, however that does not mean it will be extremely expensive. There might be little stuff that your wife appreciates and these simple things can make her birthday special. So here are some of them.

Flowery birthday

If she is a flower-lover, you could decorate you room early morning with vases, bouquets and rose petals so that as soon as she wakes up, she could see her entire room adorned with beautiful flowers. You need to know her favorite kind and preorder them so that they can be delivered on time. There are also vendors who do same day delivery flowers in Melbourne. You can also surprise her during the day by sending a bouquet to her workplace along with a lovely note, to make sure she knows you are thinking about her the entire day.

Cook her morning meal

She has been cooking for you and your family for years and hence now is the time to pay her back. She would love and appreciate a simple morning meal brought to her bed when she wakes up. Decorate the tray with a bouquet of her favorite flowers along with a tiny birthday card. It does not have to be something complex; a simple toast egg sandwich would do with an orange juice. Don’t worry; she won’t judge you even if the sandwich is burnt. She will value your effort.

Dinner date at home

If you are really good in the cooking department, go ahead and cook an entire meal for her for dinner. Show your culinary skills, but go for simple and quick dishes. If you can’t cook, still it is fine. You can order food from her favorite restaurant but make it special by decorating the place with flowers, candles etc. Your professional florist might be able to help you with it.

Shopping surprise

Taking her out for shopping does not simply mean you let her pick out anything she likes and pay the bill afterwards. It should be way more special than that. First you need to pick a shopping mall with many of her favorite shops. Then, you could go meet all shop keepers, hand them over a birthday wish card that they will present to her once she enters the shop. You could also put together a little treasure hunt where you have selected a few dresses and accessories from a few of the many shops in the mall and your wife needs to find them through clues. It could be great fun.