Got Married? Essentials To Buy Before Starting A New Life

When you are setting up your home for the first time after your marriage, a lot of things are required to cover the basic need. It is very confusing and before you plan to decorate or arrange the house, you have to prepare a checklist. This checklist will comprise of various kitchen utensils, equipment, home furniture, home and lifestyle products and fitness equipment and so on. Here is a list of such products that you will need at every step of your new life: 

Kitchen tools for a basic kitchen of your house

Kitchen kits are most important in a new life. Even if you can manage a few days without furniture, but without food it is impossible to live. So, make a list of things that you need to buy for your new home/ apartment. As you are going to buy things in bulk, the best way to curtail the cost is by buying the products from an online wholesaler. Also, for big equipment and tools, like better stainless steel kitchen sinks, you should buy it from a wholesaler to save some money. On top of that, the wholesalers have much more collections that you will need for your newly set up home. Let’s go through the list of items required for setting up a basic kitchen:

  • Measuring spoons, cups, wooden spoons
  • Grater or vegetable cutter
  • Mixing bowl and whisk
  • Saucepans and stock pots
  • Choppers
  • Toaster or sandwich maker
  • Mixer grinder
  • Cookie sheet
  • Bread pan, pie pan and baking pans
  • Blenders
  • Rice cooker
  • Roaster, steamerHowever, you should fix a budget first so that everything comes within that. Other major appliances for kitchenInitially, you can also buy some major appliances for your kitchen if the budget permits. Among them are freezer, microwave, oven, cooktop, dishwasher, blender, electric kettle, coffee maker, bake ware, etc. Furniture and outdoor kitFurniture and outdoor kits are essential, but you can also manage without it for a few days. However, if you can invest on it then go for the basic sofa set/ couch, barstool, dining table and chair, bed frames and bed heads, mattresses, storage shelves, rack cabinet, normal chairs, , etc. If you a kid, you can buy wooden sandpit with cover. You can also buy swimming pool equipment, gazebo, garden furniture, garden greenhouse, etc. if needed.Lifestyle products and Fitness equipmentThe next set of appliances or tools that are required for a basic home setup are lifestyle products, like television, music system, computer cabinet, TV wall mounts, curtains, wall mounted shelves and so on. There are plenty of things to buy, but make a list which ones are more mandatory and which ones can be purchased later.