Living Room Décor Ideas You’ll Love

Do you have a living room that looks drab and colorless? Are you thinking of livening it up and giving it a makeover? Here are some ways to make it look welcoming, cozy and attractive.

A new coat of paint

Which room wouldn’t look better without a fresh coat of paint? You could easily make your living room come alive by painting it in a whole new shade. Peeling walls and faded paint can bring down the whole vibe of your living room. So why not choose a shade that’ll add some much needed colour to your walls? If you don’t want to paint the entire room, you could just paint one wall for a bold effect. This will really make the whole room pop. Choose a slightly darker shade or a completely contrasting one for your signature wall.

Add some greenery

Foliage and flowering plants can really breathe life into an otherwise dull room. Since they are quite literally alive, they’ll bring a great deal of freshness, fragrance and character to your living room. Not only that, they produce oxygen too, giving it a breath of fresh air. And which living room wouldn’t immediately be transformed by a stunning bouquet of flowers? Visit a flower shop North Shore and choose an amazing bouquet to set in your living room as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

Get artsy

Artwork and sculptures are a wonderful way to introduce colour and form to your living room. Adorn your walls with colourful canvases and artwork. Not only do they add a wonderful decorative touch, they’ll also help you play with colour by making use of contrasting and complementary hues where the colour scheme of your living room is concerned. Also visit antique stores and scout around for interesting sculptures and ornaments you could add to your living room. Also consider DIY items such as handmade ornaments or small floral arrangements you’ve put together yourself, or with help from a florist Wahroonga.

Statement pieces

To make your living room look more attractive, add as many pieces of interest as you can without overdoing it. You could add colourful cushions with bright, vibrant patterns to your couches, get a new rug or carpet for the floor or add some fancy curtains while sticking to the theme and colour palette of your living room. Consider brightening it up with objects such as lighting and lamps which could really give it a whole new style. You could even decorate the lamps you already have by adding fringes and beads. Give your living room a facelift with these ideas and you can achieve a polished, personal and vibrant look in no time.


Create A Good Office Environment

You must make sure that you always try and create a good office environment. The environment of your office will have an influence on how effective and efficient your workers are. The better the working environment the more likely your workers will be able to work to their full capability. Making sure that the working conditions in the office are good is one of the main jobs of top management because you cannot expect people to want to work properly in a place where they do not feel entirely comfortable.

Make sure that it is lively 

You should make sure that the office environment and atmosphere is lively because this will make people feel like working. When the office is decorated in a way where it feels livelier your employees will be more energized to do their jobs. You can make the office environment lively by adding color to it. You should get silk flower arrangements if you want to make it more colorful and lively. These are perfect for an office because they last a long time since they are very durable. These are also environmentally friendly so it will be good for the environment as well.

You can get a bouquet delivery in HK. This will also make your office look more stylish and it will create a more relaxed environment. This is a good thing because then your workers will feel more comfortable while they are at work.

You do not have to worry about the climate

When you get artificial flowers you will not have to worry about weather changes. So you will not have to worry about it getting dry when it is cold and it will not start to wilt when it is summer either. This means that these flowers are much easier to maintain than natural ones which is very beneficial for an office. Sometimes you may not have the time to maintain them properly and when you get artificial ones it will make your life much easier.

You will not have to worry about allergies

People who are allergic to pollen will not be able to work when you get natural flowers. This is why artificial ones are better for an office because you will not have to worry about people falling ill. You can now place these flowers where you wish to have them because this will not cause anyone to have allergies. Also some people find the odor of fresh flowers too strong to handle because it is very strong so it will be easier on the nose when you get artificial ones.


The Most Popular Smartphones

There are many phone manufacturers in the world. These manufacturers offer many smartphones to the consumer. The competition on the smartphone market is very high and hard to penetrate. Companies such as Apple and Samsung have been able to dominate the industry for the past few years. There have been some new players who have gained market share while some old players have lost their market share. These phones are made by spending millions of dollars on research and development along with vigorous testing before unveiling the smartphone. Since the release cycle of flagships are every year, these testing have to be done fast with no delays. If there are delays, it can affect sales for the manufacturer. Here’s a list of the most popular smartphones.

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 PlusThe Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the flagship devices released for 2017. The first iPhone was available in 2007 and was a critically acclaimed smartphone. It was a game changer that introduced a revolutionised way of using a smartphone. It blew the competition out of the water. Many major manufacturers at the time couldn’t keep up and had to quit a few years after. After the release of the first iPhone, Apple released a device every year with multiple devices for certain years. The iPhone is popular for the iOS operating system which is only available for iPhones and industry leading features such as the camera, touch ID, Siri and CPU to name a few. You can even connect the phone through to display on televisions as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are devices released the South Korean company Samsung that primarily competes with Apple’s iPhone. The first Galaxy was a popular smartphone. It was not as popular as the iPhone but it grew in popularity. Each iteration after the firs Galaxy device, Samsung made sure they invested enough on the phone to release a smartphone that would even surpass Apple’s iPhone. Due to this Samsung has been successfully releasing Galaxy smartphones with next gen displays and in-house processors. Similarly, the device can connect to 4k 30m hdmi cable to display on a television.

OnePlus 5OnePlus 5 is a relatively new player in the market and have been releasing smartphones with flagship specs but at a lower price. Due to this, OnePlus has been able to compete with major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Since the release of the first OnePlus smartphone, the companies’ popularity has grown despite being a minor player. Even though the sales of smartphone cannot be compared with the iPhone or Galaxy device, OnePlus has been gaining momentum with every iteration selling better than the previous model.optical-fibre-products


Corporate Hampers – Free Of Shipping Costs

A basket that has food for a special occasion is indeed a delight. There are different types of hampers. A Christmas gift hamper that is filled with smooth caramel and slow melting chocolates are something that no one would want to say no to. Gift hampers are for all occasions. It is a great way to spread the holiday cheer.

Delivered Free Of Cost

When corporate hampers are going to cross a specific value, they will be delivered free of cost depending upon the destination and weight. Unique gifts delivered free of shipping costs are most desired by employers delivering corporate hampers to their clients. No one would want to say no to a 10% discount offer.

Tempting Chocolates in a Lattice Basket

Gourmet snacks and tempting chocolates in a lattice basket is something that would bring in smile and raised eyebrows in the receiver. Any holiday season is made bright by a decent festive arrangement of delicacies. Stone wheat crackers, summer sausage, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate wafer squares, sea salt, dark chocolate, and peanut butter are those that we would not want to say no to. If you love gifting and love to buy cheap homewares in Sydney you want to buy discount homewares and wooden baby toys for the tiny ones in your family or extended family.

Relevant Gifts

You have to ensure that your corporate gift is relevant. The purpose for which corporate gifts are purchased can be varied. The main reason for a corporate gift is to thank your employees for the contribution they have made for the development of your company. Without hardworking employees it is not possible to run a corporate company. A gift of thanks is a great way to ensure that your employees stay more dedicated and committed to work. It is also a method of ensuring that the working morale of your staff is kept high.When gifts are sent to clients they can mean repeat business. Those who receive the corporate gift will be able to sustain the image in their minds. When a product or specific service is required, then they will chose to call you. When corporate gifts are made, it is important to imprint the logo of the company in the minds of the recipient. A personalized corporate gifts goes a long way in keeping your brand sustained in the minds of the recipients. It is indeed a powerful marketing tool that you do not want to miss investing in. Whether to build bridges or to increase business corporate gifts are great ideas.


What Makes Your Party Rocking?

Everyone would like to host a memorable party that lasts for years. If that is the case with you, you need to reckon the servings of your party without fail. Besides serving delicious foods in your party, serving drinks is now becoming a kind of a gesture and must. Serving drinks in your party is not something like go and serve. Rather, you need to have a special type of glasses to serve the drinks. In case of serving foods, we would call for a buffet dinner or something else like that. Likewise, serving drinks should be special and extra. If that is the case, you should choose to serve the drinks in a glass that is especially made for drinking wines or whiskey.

Yes, you can find such type of glasses on the online stores. Without running one from store to another store, you can finish buying the wine glasses from the comfort of your home all through the online stores. There are many online stores selling the wine glasses. Among that, you should pay your attention to the store that gets hold of cheap and good quality glasses to buy from. You should not compromise an inch with respect to the quality of the glasses at any point. crystal whiskey decanter

Guidelines for choosing the perfect wine glasses

  • Rather, buying glasses in singles, buying a bohemia crystal glass set is easier and beneficial. Even though you tend to buy a set of glass, but you should make sure to deem some crucial points before making your purchase.
  • The glass which you are about to buy should be made of first quality materials. The quality of the glass will determine how long the glass will come. If you want to have the durable glass, then choosing the best quality glass is really important.
  • The wine glasses are available in different brands. Between that, you should choose the brand that is famous and reputed. If a brand is known to all such people, then choosing that brand is not a bad idea.
  • If you are deciding to choose a brand, but still you have doubts at the back of your mind, then you can read the reviews of the brand and determine whether or not it is beneficial to buy that brand of wine glasses.
  • If you are a novice party host, then you should seek advice or tips from other experienced hosts for choosing the perfect party glasses. This will help you.
    These are the points that you have to deem while choosing the crystal whiskey decanter for your party.

Are You Someone Who Collect Things That Has A Historical Value?

There are people who love to collect things which was used in the past and have a historical value to it. Are you one of them? Because it is kind of a hobby sometimes it is the most expensive and also it gives you a freedom in your mind. Well, it is actually some habit that people should keep them with themselves sometimes it would help you with your life too, in a spiritual way. So what are the things that you can collect in your free time, and where to purchase them?

What are they?

What are things that you can collect and what kind of genre are they belong to? Some would like to collect things which are more expensive like cars? Cars in which genre? Classic cars, or most expensive cars just like Ferrari are one of the few. And some love to collect antique pieces and for maybe affordable prices such as antique clocks for sale. Well, you r hobby on collecting things should not be that much expensive, you could collect old coins or the coins from various countries. Or you can collect books from famous and authors who lived in the past too, it doesn’t matter, if your time worth it.

And also

And also this is not just a hobby, it is a relaxation to your mind, which is when you collect things, your mind focuses on one thing, therefor you don’t have time for things like sorrow, jealousy or any other disturbing feelings. And the other thing is, if your collection is not enough you can go for pendulum wall clock online sort of things and have a complete collection therefore you can uphold a little exhibition of your own for the other people to see too. It is a great way to express your ideas and opinions about your likes and dislikes of this world.

The Future

Of you are thinking it is the end to all your hobbies, then you are wrong. You can pass down all your collections to your next generations so that they can too pass down to their children as well. And then your family can have something common and unique from others as a legend to carry on, well isn’t that great? Because collecting things and keeping it to yourself is not worth it, sharing it with others like your children and down to the other generation is worth the most. Therefore do right and keep you r hobby and pass it as legendary. This will bring a happiness to your mind as well.


How You Can Become A Biking Expert From Following Few Steps?

A portion of the world’s most tip top competitors live ways of life that are far not quite the same as some other expert competitor. Motorbike riders bear the most physically requesting and perilous conditions and are just perceived by a little segment of the aggregate populace. These competitors contend year-round for title tiles and race triumphs for race groups which are much similar to managers. These competitors must keep up their way of life of to a great degree requesting preparing to keep focused with other best performing rivalry.

As new innovation progresses these race machines turn out to be considerably speedier and more flexibility than any other time in recent memory. This has pushed these competitors to the edge as hustling has turned out to be progressively risky. One little error at these velocities can make serious damage these competitors, driving them to sit out for the term of the season.Preparing never stops for these competitors as they progress from an indoor season specifically into an outside season. They are then presented to the regular components of outrageous temperatures in make a beeline for toe outfit notwithstanding wet and sloppy conditions expanding the danger of a mix-up which can be obliterating to the riders.

Therefore, having the right gear plays an important role make sure to shop at stores that offer discount motocross gear so that you are able to save money, they are also compelled to move their family to have the capacity to prepare at group race offices situated in different states and countries. These key areas permit these race groups to hone year-round for both indoor and open-air seasons. Controlling these two hundred and fifty-pound machines on specialized tracks doing combating with 20 different riders is no simple errand. Heart screens on these riders demonstrate consequences of anaerobic in addition to heart rates. This type of continuance has conceded motocross the title of the most physically requesting and perilous game on the planet.

Having proper dirt bike body armour will make you feel complete and thereby The excursion to end up plainly an expert competitor in any game whether it be baseball, ball, football, golf, or motocross starts at an exceptionally youthful age. Numerous competitors were acquainted with a specific game by their folks in which they went after numerous years. Their will turn into a point in a kid’s life when he or she begins to settle on their own choices in the matter of regardless of whether they wish to keep on pursuing their energy for a game. Dissimilar to some other game on the planet, motocross powers children to relinquish numerous things other game don’t, making their fantasy and enthusiasm a way of life.


Where Can You Make Real Savings On Toddler Furniture?

A newborn in the house can really make a big difference to the lifestyle that the couple was earlier leading. When a couple does not have any children they really have a lot more flexibility. The entire house can we do not in any taste the light. Interiors can be in different styles and do not have to be thought through too well. The minute a child comes into the picture everything changes. Things changed in a lot of ways. One way that things change is that the needs of the newcomers are very different from those that the couple is used to. Newborn or even a toddler for that matter requires very different kinds of treatments as opposed to how spouse treats the other. This can have a severe effect on the lifestyle of the couple. Every aspect of their life changes, a couple that is used to going out very freely as and when they want can now find that they are severely restricted to their house. They are also severely restricted to the houses simply because the outside might not necessarily be comfortable or safe for the toddler. One should always remember that buying anything online is much cheaper than buying it within a store because store has to pay physical property rents.

How having toddler furniture can improve business?

  • One can save a lot of money by picking out the desired piece of child safe furniture such as buying baby cots online, from an online store website as long as one also remembers that buying it from a reputable store is very important.
  • As with buying anything else on the Internet one should also be very careful when doing transactions such as these as there could be chances that the shop is not very reputable and might provide bad service.

For example, if a housewife likes to go shopping she will have to worry about several things. You might even be a business owner who wants to increase business by providing certain conveniences such as a portacot from Melbourne. It has been shown that when somebody provides a specific area for new mothers to take care of the kids that particular business does very well. So it is important for a business owner to also understand this fact. A business owner can also increase sales by providing not just short term conveniences, but also could plan for letting us see a mother to have the child sleep for a while within the business premises. This can ensure that the mother spends a lot more time within the business owner’s premises does lead to very high sales.


Advantages Of Using E Cigarettes

The good thing about using the electronic cigarettes is that you need not use tobacco to get the flavor of cigarette smoking. All you need to do is to choose the suitable electronic liquid that will give you the taste of cigarette and add nicotine in the suitable quantity. In this way, you can add some new flavors to the cigarettes that are usually not possible with the regular ones. This is also considered a better option to traditional smoking from the health point of view as you will be using only nicotine and it is possible to avoid other harmful chemicals associated with tobacco.

This will reduce the risk of getting affected by a huge margin. The biggest advantage with electronic cigarettes is that it eliminates the nuisance of smoke that generally disturbs other people in the surroundings. In this way, there is no smell that usually comes with the smoke and gets stuck to the clothes in the surrounding places. You will be able to inhale the vapor directly and this does not smell like cigarettes. Apart from that, you will also notice that it causes less pollution to the atmosphere as the traditional burning of cigarettes is known to emit hundreds of poisonous chemicals into the surrounding. vape

However, the electronic versions will not have any harmful ingredients apart from nicotine. In the same manner, you will also benefit when you choose, the cost equation of the electronic cigarettes as they will cost you very less in the long run. Remember that you need not have to purchase the electronic device; every now and then as they can be easily recharged using a battery and this will last for a long duration. You will only need to buy the liquids for the device and this will cost you lesser than the regular cigarettes.Affordable alternatives to smoking cigarettes

  • The vape products are very affordable when compared to using cigarettes in the long run.
  • You will only generate vapor in this manner and this will not get stuck with the clothes and smell like the usual cigarettes.
  • This is also considered a better option that tobacco products as it does not contain toxic chemicals.

You can easily procure them from the best vape shop in your city. Most of these suppliers have online portals and you can conveniently order them from the comfort of your home. They will also deliver the products directly to your home, which will save you lots of time and money in the long run. You will be able to get them in different flavors and this is the best advantage of using such products.


How To Get Your Own Customized T-shirts?

When shopping for our favorite t-shirts we climb up many stores and visit many online stores to find what we love best. But sometimes you don’t find them and that makes us disappointed in many ways. But that doesn’t mean you give up on what you love. There are many ways that you can get what you really wish to get when you make some effort for it. If you can’t find the exact t-shirt that you wished to buy in the stores then don’t be disappointed, you can always use your creativity and do it yourself. You can easily customize your t-shirts and get them printed in your home when you have the right equipment to do so. Then you wouldn’t have to be disappointed and when you couldn’t search your favorite t-shirt in the stores.

Getting what you need.

If you have an inkjet laser printer in your house then you can get all what you wanted printed easily. But you do need some other things that will help you get the printing work done for you. You would need some ink cartridges and get some t-shirt transfer paper online, there are many stores that make it easier for those who love to build up in their creativity and give them support by providing them with the essential needs for their work to be completed. The companies can even provide you with some extra services such as doorstep delivery and free of charge delivery knowing your emergency state of work and creativity aspects. When you have the right equipment by your side you can keep printing the most admired things that you always wished to have. And in a way you are actually saving time and being cost efficient by do it yourself styles.

Customize and create your own stylings.

When creating your own designs and getting them printed on the shirts you would want some other interesting stationery to do many other things as well. When your creativity boosts up that when you plan more things to do, if you are a fan of getting your own stickers on your bags, shirts, bands, or anything you wish to put them on then you could simply get some sticker glossy photo paper online and do everything that you wish to do with your creativity and style.

Why waste time when you can do it yourself?

When you can be your own stylist when it comes to getting your shirts, bags or any other stuff then why not try and brighten your creativity and trend your style.


Purchase Different Sets Of Games On The Internet

Games make the mind of a person sharper and help them in contracting on things. There are different types of games available and you can play any of them to get all the benefits of the game. In this page, we are going to talk about the indoor games. Games that can be played inside the house are:

Carom board

This is an indoor game and it requires just a board and some other accessories. The game is very energetic and it is played with four players. The game could be played by people of different age group. And just like any other games, this game as well helps in improving concentration in players and makes them more energetic. The game is very popular among the people of all age groups especially the teenagers. This game can be purchased online as well as in the retail store. Carom boards are available in different shapes and sizes and these days, the designers have made lots of experiments with it to make attractive and add some more fun elements in it.  


This is again a wonderful game help in increasing the concentration power of the players. One can buy the top quality dart sets for sale, easily online and it is too available in a large range of colors and designs. May be the retailers are unable to maintain such a big range with them. But, from the online stores, one can get it easily at a very attractive price range. There are different types of dartboard available that not only give a wonderful gaming experience, but also enhance the look of the wall where ever it is placed. Some of the boards that are available in the market are

Board with light

These boards have the radium or LED lights fitted in it, which it gives it an attractive look. The board comes with the cover as well, so if you do not want to the guest coming at your home that you have a dartboard, simply place the cover and hide it.

Different types on offer

It is not like variety is maintained only in the dartboard; there is a huge range available in the darts as well. At the online store, you can get darts made of different material and design, which will make your experience playing with this game full of fun.

On the online store you can get different types of dartboards. To buy one you can check dartboard and darts for sale onlineand you will ample options for you.


Points To Consider When Shopping For Bedding Accessories

If you are moving into a new home or have a new bed purchased, it is time to look at the different accessories for it. These are expensive purchases and need to be right, so that the items you buy will last long. With several materials and features on offer from different manufacturers, it can be a confusing choice. Hence, keep the following points in mind when you make your bedding accessories purchase.

Bedding mattressesThis is the primary requirement for any new bed. Besides considering the right size of the mattress as per the shape or capacity of your bed, there are certain aspects to look at. For instance, the foam technology is a vital aspect as this will ensure the right degree of comfort and support through the years. Ensure that the mattress you opt for will provide zero disturbances to two people sleeping next to each other and will have a warranty coverage on such purchase. Check for environmental friendly mattresses that do not have any chemical finishes to ensure no disturbing smell that ensues from the new mattress Pillows and more.

Besides the mattress you need to purchase other items to complete your range of bedding accessories. Pillows can be purchased of synthetic beads or of memory foam technology that provide an ideal cushioning effect to the head and neck region. Often memory foam mattress in Sydney come with similar technology pillows to provide the same level of comfort from the head to the entire body. Bed linen is the next choice of purchase that one would look at when buying bed mattresses and accessories.

The convenience of shopping online for bedding materials is that you can get all products chosen from a single store as most stores have an exhaustive list of products and diverse choices. You can make a choice as per the materials you are looking at, prints, matching day covers, bed cushions and other kinds of linen like comforters. Most online stores provide convenient shopping choices and different payment options as well. Hence, you could add all your necessary items in your shopping cart and pay by any method that is convenient to you. Deferred modes of payment like credit cards or interest free installment options make it convenient to make purchases in bulk from an online bedding store. Check for product warranty coverage as well and ensure that damaged goods are exchanged promptly. A store with reliable customer support will prove to be a great shopping choice for any discerning customer.


Should You Buy Or Rent Books For College?

Going to college can be a good experience, however, you can end up accumulating several expenses along with tuition fees. With the increase in prices, some students prefer renting rather than spending a large amount of money on something they would use only for a short time. However, do analyze the benefits of both buying and renting and then select what is right for your situation.

Which Option Is Cheaper?

It’s understandable for most college students to struggle with financial issues especially when they are starting out. You really need to look at your financial situation – consider your college and living expenses, rent or even a student loan that you might have taken out. In the long run, your choice should be something that will benefit you and not end up creating more expenses. Either way, you will have to spend money so choose wisely. 

Is It A Worthy Investment?

Heavy college books can take up quite a lot of space if you keep them around. If the material you need will be valuable years from after you have finished studying, it might be a worthy investment. But if the information might be outdated in the years to come, then renting might be the better option for you. On the other hand if you do decide to buy something, you can actually recover at least some of the cost when you sell your textbooks. This will also depend on what you are studying and how often the information needs to be updated.

Get Some Good Deals Online

You can consider buying second hand textbooks from previous students or look at bookstores online or offline. But online options are hassle-free, where you can also get better offers or discounts – and your items can be directly delivered to your doorstep without having to wait in line or deal with crowds. Considering the popularity of renting there are quite a few website that will let you rent what you need for a decent fee – which will be less costly.

Which Option Is More Convenient?

The college years can be exciting and over-whelming at the same time – and things will be slightly easier if you are able to manage your finances. Look at the pros and cons of each option when trying to decide what would be best for you. When renting through websites, you won’t have to spend hours waiting in queues since an order is simply placed online and then delivered. The same goes for buying new study material online – if it’s worth the price.


Learning To Make Your Own Fixtures

Wood work and carpentry are very interesting hobbies to take up and they are also hobbies that can eventually turn in to a business which can bring in a lot of money. If you come back home tired and stressed out after the typical work day, taking up a hobby can help you to de stress and to relax. You might wonder how you would take up a hobby such as this which seems like it requires a lot of knowledge, skill and education but the truth is, anyone can learn to carve wood and build furniture provided they start from the very beginning and learn the basics.

Watch tutorials on the internet

We are fortunate to be able to live in the internet age where you can learn anything at just the click of a button. There are hundreds of tutorials that you can watch online which will show you how to make amazing furniture from scratch and before you know it, you will be making a timber buffet for your home. As your talent develops, you will find that there are many opportunities for turning this hobby in to a successful business without having to invest any money in to the business. 

You can start an online furniture store where people can order online and you can deliver the furniture to their homes for them.You will find that there are many people out there who are willing to buy timber dining chairs, beds and other furniture for a lot of money provided they like the designs of the furniture and the quality of the work.

Start an online store

You can start small by opening up a Facebook page for your new hobby and business and displaying your work on the page for your family and friends to see. You will not need to build or make things for the business at first but you can display your practice pieces so that people will know what you are capable of. You will find that as you dwell deeper in to the subject, you will fall more in love with it and learn newer things and techniques that you can then use in the pieces that you do. Make an effort to do some market research and find out how much pieces similar to the ones that you have done would usually sell and try to mark your prices lower than them in order to get attention at the beginning. Use online marketing techniques to reach a wider audience.


Creative Uses For Shells

Visits to the beach, especially with little ones in tow, often end with a collection of shells picked up on the way. Shells often make for a fascinating collection with different sizes, shapes and various shades and patterns on them. Also, they are kind of a sovereign of the wonderful times spent on the beaches with feet in the sand and the wind blowing in the hair.

If you too have a sizeable collection of shells that you have no idea what to do about, fret not. We list down a few creative ‘do it yourself’ art solutions for your large, varied collection of shells.

Shell craft ideas

One of the trendiest objects to make from shells is shell jewellery. A range of jewellery pieces can be made from the different types of shells, such as pendants on a chain or a whole necklace itself, earrings, brackets. It’s like wearing a piece of your pleasant memories, thus reminding of that time always. Jewellery from shells is easy to make and is perfect accessory for your summer outfits.

Another creative artifact that can be made with the shells is photo frames of varying sizes. If you are looking for shells in the same size, you can always look online to buy hermit crab shells or any other type as per your liking and size of the frame. Apart from photo frames, shells can be used to frame mirrors that can be put up on a wall to form a stunning piece of decor. Round or oval mirrors with shells around as a border go well when decorating the house with a beach or sea side theme in mind.

Apart from frames shells can be used to make lampshades by sticking them all over the base of the lamp. It could be pasted onto a vase or a cylinder, such as the cardboard roll of toilet paper, to form interesting centerpieces. Shells can even be pasted on the peripheral border of planters placed within the house for a feel of being close to the sea or beach.

Large shells such as those of oysters can be framed as is or even be used as tea lights.

Shells can even be filled with wax to make candles which are not run of the mill kinds and speak volumes about your creativity.

Wind chimes can also be made from the shells which can be a creative and charming craft decorating your outdoors or your child’s room.

Wreaths of shells can also be made to adorn your front door.

There are an endless number of creative and decorative crafts that can be made using shells, tapping your inner creativity.